Timber Hoarding

Our standard timber hoarding is 2.4M high consisting of 4no 100x50mm rails fixed to 150x75mm posts set at 2.4M centres and 650mm deep in concrete. Rails clad with 18mm WBP ply with 100x25mm header, 150x25mm kicker and 50x25mm cover strips to joints. All painted with two coats of ICI based oil paint.

We also supply and erect a free standing cantelage hoarding to above specification but without ground excavation.

The above hoarding is designed by Boundary Fencing contractors Ltd. We offer this standard hording design with engineers wind loading calculation, full specification & detail drawings all covered by our IP insurance.

We take full risk on this hoarding design subject to site visit survey.

Boundary Fencing can detail a bespoke hoarding specification if required.

To enquire about hoardings of any type please contact our office and we will deal with your request promptly.

Vinyl Wrapped Graphics & DI Bond

Vinyl wrapped graphic hoardings are formed using standard hoarding framework as detailed below.

The graphic panel is made using an 18x1200x2400 Tulsa form ply board. This board is then wrapped in a digitally printed vynal overlay and sealed at the rear of the board, it has a uv protection film over this and is fully sealed. The board can have high quality visual graphics from crests, pictures or text etc, whatever the client requires. The board is erected using an angle shaped bracket fixed to rails and board to rear of hoarding and then through the face behind headers and kickers. This allows the fixings to be hidden and therefore assuring the graphic area itself is clean and clear.

This structure carries the same security and structural capabilities as a standard hoarding and framework constructed as detailed in our hoarding specification.


This is fixed to the front of new or existing hoarding. The di bond sheet is 6x1200x2400mm, the required graphics are printed directly onto this. The panel is then fixed to hoarding using screws followed by headers and kickers to obscure fixings.


This hoarding panel is as structurally strong as Ply wood and offers identical security as traditional hoarding. The sheets are 18x21200x2400mm smooth faced plastic. They are formed from fully recycled plastic products – phones, plastic trays, hard hats etc. They can be reused time and time again, and when past reuse, can be sent back to factory where they will be shredded, reformed and made back into a hoarding panel once again.

They are erected to the same frame as a standard hoarding with similar fixings. They can also be vynil wrapped or used with di bond as required.

If you would like to find out more about the Eco Sheet panel please contact one of our team at the office.